Camelback Castle

Get Involved

With a new owner and a bright future for the historical jewel that is the Copenhaver Castle there comes a wonderful opportunity for the public to get involved. There are a number of ways in which interested parties can contribute resources, physical labor, and equipment to the restoration of this legendary urban castle and become involved in its evolving future plans.

As with any great undertaking the restoration of the castle will come with a significant price tag. We are very grateful for the support the Camelback Castle Preservation Project's mission of restoring this important piece of Arizona's history.

Already there are many offering both their time and resources to the renovation, and we couldn’t be more appreciative. Those who contribute something as precious as their time are giving a wonderful gift to something bigger than themselves, and we all benefit as a result.

In short there are a number of great ways to get involved in the restoration and exciting future of Copenhaver Castle. We hope you’ll join us in our endeavors as we set about reawakening the castle and re-energizing the curiosity of a public that has never lost its fascination with this one-of-a-kind architectural landmark.