Camelback Castle

Community Outreach

The Copenhaver Castle remains an enduring and beloved part of the Phoenix community; a fact that has been evident since news of its recent sale. New owner Robert Pazderka has been overwhelmed by the response to his purchase of the castle, and by the countless well-wishers and community members for whom this legendary home remains a point of pride. With this in mind, Mr. Pazderka plans to return that love and support by being active in community outreach so that the castle and interest in it can benefit the community as a whole.

In addition to contributing directly to community charities with monetary donations, Mr. Pazderka and the Friends of Castle Society envision many of the events to be held at Copenhaver Castle as fundraisers created to raise money for numerous Valley charities. With so many worthwhile groups and organizations in need of help as they endeavor to make our community better, what a great role for this legendary property to undertake than as host to exciting and worthy fundraisers.

It is the belief of the Friends of Castle Society that giving something back to such a supportive and welcoming community is of the utmost importance. The overwhelming support for the restoration of the castle and its return to a more public persona is one that members of the society are determined to reciprocate. To that end, its members will continue to look for new and exciting ways to contribute to the growth of Phoenix and Arizona as a whole.